Old Dalby School

Old Dalby School

Old Dalby school is a partnership of teachers, support staff, governors, parents and interest friends from our community, working together to provide the best possible education and
environment for our pupils.

To help us achieve this aim, we try to provide a friendly and caring environment which encourages our children to take a positive and responsible attitude to work, behaviour and our attractive environment which they are encouraged to care for and value.

It is our aim to provide children with not only their National Curriculum entitlement but also broader experiences and extra-curricular activities, which will foster the interests and abilities of each child.

Headmaster: Rosie Browne

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Old Dalby Church Of England Primary School,
Longcliff Hill, Old Dalby,
Melton Mowbray,
LE14 3JY

Phone: 01664 822455

Email: office@olddalbyschool.org.uk.

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