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Old Dalby has a very active community with many groups such as netball, cricket, church, toddlers, scouts, yoga, tai chi and wine club. The village also boasts the Old Dalby Singers who rehearse most Tuesdays throughout the year in the Village Hall. Children are educated at preschool and primary school. Old Dalby even has its very own Belvoir Brewery and The Crown Inn. Because of the threat from Covid-19 and recent government advice most activities in Old Dalby have been suspended or canceled over the last two years but are recovering. Events are starting to be organised, see below and please visit Old Dalby Village Hall via odvh.co.uk for further details.

The Old Dalby Village Hall hosts a Post Office

every Friday between 8.30 a.m. and 11.30.


The Old Dalby Village Hall committee has been busy organising extensive refurbishment and re-equipping at the Village Hall with help from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Open Days were planned but have had to be canceled due to restrictions. An Open day is now being planned. Please visit the Old Dalby Village Hall website for updates. A short, amateur video has been made, in the meantime, to walk you through the hall. Visit the odvh.co.uk and click on the video link to view it.

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Tickets for the above can be reserved by contacting through the Old Dalby Village Hall website.

Please Note; The Govannen cèilidh will start at 7.30 pm. 

Important Note…

OLD DALBY DAY was permanently suspended in 2019

Old Dalby and Queensway Heritage Group, with the help of the Heritage Fund and Lincoln University, have embarked on a long-term project to record the history and heritage of Old Dalby. They are compiling, recording, digitising photographs and documents relating to the history of the village and asking residents and members of the community for any items they may think relevant. These are then being stored in an online archive that is available to everyone. If you would like to submit something of interest please get in touch via the Old Dalby Village Hall website.    Click here to see items already in the Old Dalby Archive.
After the Mini Digs in September 2019, Carenza Lewis examined the numerous finds and gave a talk at the village hall on Feb 5th.  See Old Dalby Village Hall for further details.
 This message to Old Dalby was posted on Facebook in December 2020….

“I was visiting my mum this evening when her Christmas meal arrived.  I just wanted to say a massive well done to all involved, we were so impressed.

What an incredible gesture, it was evident a massive amount of hard work had gone into not only the cooking but the presentation and the delivery.

What a wonderful village and amazing community spirit.”